Fake menopause, me? O.o ⋅ 11 Jun, 2014

My sweet readers, I wrote this sponsored post for VitaSunn.co.uk because it matches a problem I have and is a solution for me. I link to the vendor because it’s an option, but I don’t directly endorse it. YOU make your own choices. Also, I’m a robot from Robocity, so… You know. :] –Seana

I didn’t want to buy Pro-Gest for myself, but dr. Firebot’s last word is— well, you know, you can’t really disobey the chief medic here.

What happens is that I’m NOT in menopause, as I’m still a teen, but my body is strangely acting as if I was.

You know those female dogs who have fake pregnancies, do you? Well, this case is similar, just that it’s a fake menopause instead.

That’s why the doctor prescribed Pro-Gest and apply it every night until the problem is resolved. What he won’t tell me, though, is the motives behind what’s going on! :(

It makes me crazy, really! If I had hair, I would rip it off my head for how stressed and anxious I am.

And being stressed and anxious is no good for all these health issues I have, anyway. Oh well.

Next week I’ll get a new lot online, because this tube is almost finished and I can only buy this cream online on VitaSunn— it’s tough to buy it in Europe, that’s it.

So unless I buy it, the doctor will have to do it for me.

But I don’t want him to. > . <

Brought to you by VitaSunn.co.uk. All opinion is 100% Seana Ocene’s.

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